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Your Website's About Page: Don't Lose This Great Opportunity

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Many companies overlook the importance of the About page on their website. When analytics may indicate that it's one of the most highly visited pages, it's critical that this page works to your advantage and you're not losing sales opportunities. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Call it an About page. Don't confuse users with a name that's too clever to figure out. When users want to know about your company, they look for the About tab – and they want to find it immediately.

  • The content of the About page is what your company does. While it's about you, it should also serve the needs of the users and subtly sell them on why they should choose you over others.

  • In addition to basic information on your company, include history, corporate philosophies, awards, testimonials, bios and photos.

  • Don't undercut the effectiveness of your About page. Your content should make the user feel "at home" and comfortable doing business with you.

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