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Animal Inspired Package Design

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Here are two great package designs inspired by animals.  First is a soy milk package that looks like the original package milk comes in .... an UDDER !  This package even comes in a soft package that can dispense milk from each udder AND it hangs in the store on a hook for maximum udder effect.  Wow!  Do you have any clients that would even think of producing that?  I guess they do in Russia - a design company - www.kian.ru designed this one.  Way to go!

animal packaging

Another product you might not of thought of - CAT WIGS - has its own carrying case.  You've gotta see these to believe them - www.kittywigs.com I'm thinking dog wigs may not be too far behind.  Not sure of the designer on these - so if you know - send me a line and i'll credit them for their great work.

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