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Are you missing opportunities to build brand loyalty?

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Good-Morning_beautifulI was pleasantly surprised one morning when I opened my egg carton. There, facing me was an unexpected greeting. It warmed my heart. The unexpected morning greeting encouraged me to have a great day in just 3 words. 

What a brilliant idea it was to use that space to communicate with customers. There was unused space. It didn't add cost to the product. And its sole purpose is to let me know I, their customer, am appreciated.

Are you missing opportunities to build brand loyalty ?

Nurturing your customer relationships can be so simple. Marketing messages focus on converting a sale by talking about the benefits and features of the product or service. Letting a customer know that you have the solution they have been looking for, that will make them happy, satisfy their hunger, make them feel beautiful through descriptive copy on a package is expected. Giving a compliment with a greeting typical for the time of day stands out so much that it made me write about it.

Typical activity to build brand loyalty is to offer discounts and having promotions that provide rewards to brand advocates. Along with keeping your product or service visible to your audience; brand building and creating raving fans requires a deeper engagement. Doing what is unexpected like the message on the egg carton is an example of the unexpected.

What are you doing to make your brand stand apart?

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