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3 Tips For Better Content

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Capture Your Customer's Attention

Did you know that you only have approximately 10 seconds to get a customer's attention? While quality web design has a lot to do with this, many underscore content's role in customer attention, retention, and continual organic traffic and turnaround for your business. Often, content is underscored in the grand scheme of web marketing strategies.

Why Does Content Matter?

Content can establish two important things for your small business. Firstly, quality content can help to establish a brand identity for your company. When building a brand image, your business needs to communicate to their audience who they are, what they stand for, and why their business is relevant. And the statistics prove this; over 60% of people feel that content helps to drive loyalty to their favorite brands, and content is one of the top three reasons people follow their favorite brands on social media outlets.

Here are 3 tips for incorporating content into your site in order to help your small business:

Visual Content Is In

With over 50 billion views each month, video content is on the rise. We live in a visual world, and visual content gives marketers a chance to communicate with their audience and help with creating a brand alongside your web design. And not just visual -- with every text content posted on your blog or social media outlet, be sure to incorporate an image that is relevant and will capture users' attention.

Get Social

It doesn't matter how strong, eye-catching, or interesting your content is if no one knows that it exists. After posting, take to social media outlets in order to appropriately promote your content. Connect with other influencers to effectively gain a following, so your brand gets more visibility and attention.

Be Original

To make your audience genuinely interested in what you have to say, your writing has to be engaging, original, and well-written. Take the time to write good content, and your customers will take the time to read it. It's that simple.

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