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One of the most common questions we get is:

“Why do I need good search rankings?”

If you’ve taken the time to develop a website, you want people to find it and take some action when they arrive at your site. Your customers can’t find your site if you don’t have good search rankings.

Your organic search ranking is where your site appears when someone searches on a keyword or phrase associated with your business. Simply put, if you’re on page 2 or beyond, few people will find you. If you’re on page 1, you’re in great shape.

stay-ahead-of-GOOGLEYou may appear on page 1 for your branded keywords (such as the name of your business) but unless your brand is well known, few people are searching on your branded terms so it’s important to rank on industry keywords.

The first step is to find keywords that are relevant but not too competitive. Something to keep in mind: there are many non-competitive keywords and just about any SEO firm can get you to page one on those keywords. BUT, no one is searching on those keywords! And ranking on the most relevant keywords that everyone is searching on can take years. Our strategy is to find that right mix of relevant, frequently searched, yet not too competitive keywords — keywords that you can actually rank on. Then, we’ll work on moving your ranking on those keywords to page 1 as quickly as possible.

Another strategy to drive traffic to your site is pay-per-click advertising. Google Adwords is the most used PPC platform and can quickly drive traffic to your site. You set your budget and bid price for each targeted keyword and your ad appears on the search results when someone searches on your keywords. PPC advertising is a great supplement to a SEO campaign.

cost-of-internet-marketingSocial Media can also help with your search rankings. Setting up and managing a profile on a social site such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can help boost your presence on the web. With a robust analytic system you can track results. With better insight you can hone your efforts for the best ROI. Hubspot is one technology company that has created a great dashboard that will let you see results across multiple rankings so you can track results of social media, blogging and ppc.

Navigating and making getting the best results from SEO and internet marketing is a specialty. It is more complex than submitting your web address to search engines. This is why many businesses hire outside specialists to manage SEO, track website rankings and advise their customers how to improve search rankings. But don't believe any company that says they can do all your social media and ppc to get you in the top 3 position on age 1 of a Google search. You have to sty involved, be a contributor to blog posts because you re the captain of your brand experience.

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