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Social Media Referrals Deliver eCommerce Success

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social_strategy-for-ecommerce-succcessBy 2015, it is expected that over $30 billion worth of sales will be attributed to social media network referrals. Social media platforms continue to grow and evolve. Facebook and Twitter are pushing to grow their adword sales and deliver relevant posts to their users. Facebook's IPO resulted in smaller organic visibility for everyone. This hasn't diminished the interest in using social networks to reach customers.

Chirpify allows brands to sell right on Twitter. With over 230 million users, it was a natural shift for Twitter to embrace eCommerce. Brands that can develop strong followings and push custom Tweets can include #BuyNow to conduct an instant transaction.

Big companies see the power of social marketing and social content. H&M used Twitter to reveal items from their collaboration with Isabel Marant. Nicki Minaj debuted a few of her creations on Instagram. Adding the "celebrity" facet to the social message heightens social exposure. But you don't need to have the big name to benefit. Small brands and companies can use social networks to do A B testing of their messages and delivery to find the style that gets them the best ROI.

Pinterest, with their dominant female demographic, was adopted early by some of the best know brands. Last fall J. Crew published their complete catalog on Pinterest. That was 60,000 pieces. Take a peak around Pinterest to see how to successfully use Pinterest for your company.

Implementing a social campaign is part of a shopper influence strategy

Small brands, even those selling locally or regionally, can influence shoppers, build notoriety and move shoppers along the buying cycle with social media strategy. Look at the story of Lolly Wolly Doodle which began on the dining room table of Brandi Temple, a wife and mother. A recent article in Inc. magazine describes them as the hottest seller on social media. The company started in 2009 and posted $13 million in sales in 2013 with most sales generated through Facebook through sharing.

Here is Brandi Temple's tips on using social media: 7 Secrets to Growing Your Business on Social Media

Building a following and fan base can be done economically. But some people invest in PPC to build their list quickly. There are companies that offer guaranteed fans and followers but you can't specify demographics. I caution using this method. If you are regional and a niche busines, those bought fans can have no value in expanding your social influence.

We provide QR code posters to our retail clients to display in their stores. Training your employees to ask for customers to like and follow is crucial to building your following with a minimal investment. Placing social media icons at the top of your page and "asking" to be shared has been proven to have better results than not asking. Just this simple action will have a big impact.

If you think social marketing can deliver more but aren't sure what to do download this ebook for more tips.

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