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Social Marketing Drives Consumer Spending

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shoppers-depend-on-friends-opinionsA MarketForce survey over 80% of consumers cited the social media activity influenced their purchase decisions. Shopper stated they check social networks before to making a final purchase. For small brands fighting to gain their share, the shopper insight indicates a big opportunity to convert and close. For global brands the number may seem small.

Smart brands are leveraging social marketing to influence their consumers. The tone of social communication has a unique impact that adword campaigns can’t deliver. eCommerce brands connect with users through social networks. Social content can serve as an alternative to cookie driven advertising.

Even with smaller budgets small companies can compete with big brands with effective content, building loyalty and relationships with their customers. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest provides every business the opportunity to put the brand and message inform of millions of shoppers. It doesn’t require huge capital expenditure just the right strategy.

Big companies may rely on expensive celebrity endorsements to get fast and expansive exposure for their product. Social media power users can create significant viral impact by using social media affiliates similar to affiliate marketing on blogs. I’ve heard of big brands offering thousands of dollars per Tweet for a celebrity mention of their product. It doesn’t require the large capital outlay of endorsements to get a big impact. Social marketing is grass roots marketing in the digital age, reaching everyday consumers through non-traditional advertising. Shoppers rely on it for reviews, advice and celebrities.

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