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Is Location Marketing Right For Your Business?

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location-marketingBefore I start let's define what location marketing is. Location Marketing provide customers ad messages on their mobile devise based on where their current location. There are2 models for location marketing. The push model is where you have opted into a location marketing services.  Let's say you are driving through Washington D.C. at noon, those who opted into the service you will be sent ads from area businesses close to your location. Restaurants in the area will promote their daily special.

The pull model of location marketing delivers ads based on the keyword an topic searches you conduct and your current location. The search will deliver ads related to the those topics and keywords along with information you requested.

Location marketing is more complex than focusing on your location defined by latitude and logitude coordinates.

Consider the restaurant industry. You need to consider the food preferences; does the mobile phone owner prefer casual dining, quick serve, social or solitary, etc. These reveal what establishments and foods are important to them and valuable insights for marketers.

Fousquare has other segments for marketers including sports fans, partiers, techies, fitness, and moviegoers. Image the opportunity you gain by adopting location marketing into your marketing plan. Location marketing allows you to narrowing the demographics while enhancing them with patterns of daily activity and behaviors. To effectively use this marketing technique:

  • Evaluate whether your marketing budget can be increased to include location marketing
  • Consider how location data combined with current insights can enhance your understanding of the customers and prospects
  • Confirm the activities of your narrowed target audience and how much they are spending
  • Identify experts in the field and test two or three different activities with different companies

Delivering the right product, right offer, right time, right place is the supreme goal of every marketer.

Location marketing offers the ability to do all that...identify and put the right product and offer in the right place and time. Brands are able to engage a consumer as she is shopping or looking for coffee or food. How powerful is that to marketing goals? Location is as important as who the ideal customer is.

Smart phones are changing how we can reach our customers. Technology now allows you to make offers to customers that are close by and didn't know you were there.


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