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Frankford Steps Up Their Brand Look With A New Packaging Redesign

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Foundation Packaging Redesign

Frankford Leather, a service-oriented distributor of Shoe and Foot Comfort products tapped Catalpha to update their dated and mismatched orthotics packaging to create a more contemporary, relevant and consistent look.  Catalpha established a new design that brought a family appearance to products that previously had no consistent look. The new design, features bold ‘stand out’ colors and design as well as stock imagery that would appeal to the target audience without looking too high-end.  These products had to look better than the competition but not too high end, so that it wouldn’t steer customers away because of their expensive look.

The design was then carried through to a series of Frankford Sock product packages as well.  Setting the stage for a solid,  brand defining in-store look.  Something that will benefit the store owners as well.

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