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Custom Labels vs Stock Labels: Custom Labels Win

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Your product label may be the first impression your brand makes on potential customers and a powerful marketing tool. While labels are primarily used to offer information on the origin, hazards, shelf-life, and use of a particular product, they can also be used for advertising, anti-counterfeiting, brand authentication, traceability, and theft reduction.

Distinguishing your brand’s identity with labels can act as your primary window for attracting interest from prospective customers. The visual appeal of labels creates a higher sense of product value, quality and professionalism.

In North America, 22% of consumers reportedly prefer purchasing brand labelled products over those with generic labels. In Europe, 30% to 40% of consumers prefer brand labelled products, according to a Global Private Label Report from Nielsen. The data shows why many successful enterprises invest heavily in private or custom product labelling.

Whether it to be environmentally friendly or for shipping costs and marketing purposes, using the right label is critical based on different merchandising elements as customers rely on labels for purchase decisions and safety.

Below NTI Data compares custom and stock labels and how the two label options fare in terms of cost, flexibility, efficiency and other significant purchasing factors.


There you have it: a point-by-point rundown of the determining factors between stock labels and custom labels and shows how custom labels may be your first option to reduce inventory and shipping costs. Custom labels can also provide a higher level of flexibility to meet the demands of highly competitive work environments, and modern manufacturing and commerce. Investing in custom label systems can generate brand-personalized, high-quality labels for your products that are crucial for a successful run.

Tell us about your experiences with custom or private labels. We would love to know your story.

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