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Building a Better Brand

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For many companies, the number one priority is promoting their brand. A company's brand is important to connect with consumers and differentiates their products from competitors' offerings. Unfortunately, many companies are unsure of how they can make their branding work for them, or even how to build a brand. By following these few branding tips, a company can take their brand from boring to brilliant.

Consistency is key to maintaining a unified brand. Companies should always address their customers using the same tone and attitude, so that the customers know what to expect each time they interact with the company. A company that makes organic cheeseburgers will only confuse customers if they suddenly change their brand's appearance from natural and green to bold and artificial. Custom packaging design is an effective way to advertise a brand, and should be consistent across different products and advertising campaigns.

While keeping a company's brand consistent through the use of product packaging design is important, companies should take care to avoid being repetitive. This means that repeating the same message will only irritate and alienate customers. Instead, companies should use different key messages that build on one another to create a memorable identity.

In addition to tailoring creative packaging design and brand messages to be consistent and interesting, companies should utilize social media to connect with potential customers. While many companies use social media simply to advertise, offering engaging web content will attract more customers. When surveyed, people listed interesting content as one of the top three reasons to follow companies on social media. Some companies utilize social media to host contests and offer promotions and sales, making them more attractive to new consumers.

By following these branding tips, companies can create a strong corporate identity, which can boost stock values between five and seven percent.

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