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Why Your Company Needs To Write Its Own Top-Ten List

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Top10 listThere's a reason that people are fascinated with lists:

• They're easy to read

• They are easy to remember

• They are easy to talk about and more importantly

• They are searched often online and that makes it easier to find you.

Lists can poke fun at issues in a way that brings people together. Just consider why Letterman always has his "Top # List". People tune in to hear it. For a controversial subject, Letterman's style presents the subject so we laugh and regain our center.

Lists can play an important role in your company's marketing efforts by educating people in an easy format about the value of your product or service. Does your company have a top-ten list of the things that sets your company apart from others? Do you publish it or offer it on your website? A "Top 10 List" concept is perfect subject for your social and on-line marketing efforts. Offering the list as a download allows you to engage with a prospective customer earlier. Using an automated in-bound marketing system, like Hubspot, makes it easy to manage, capture, track and execute follow-up efforts through emails or other direct contact methods.

Top 10 lists give you and your staff the ability to easily verbalize how your company stands out from the competition - especially if you're in a business sector that's full of similarity. These quick read lists can also be a guide for your customer of what they need to do for a successful conclusion to their need. And/or they can be informative, explaining the process and timeline for lengthy projects.

Listening to your customers will provide ideas for lists you could create. Are there common questions that your employees or customer service repeatedly answer? Have your customers complained and told you about frustrations that could be converted to a "how to" list? The list can be focused on your services or steps in completing the order. Or they can be about issues that occur before the customer comes to you. By providing the information you are proving your dedication to helping your customers.

Technology and the volume of information available on the web has made it easy for people to research and you can be assured that people are searching for information and help about the subjects you can speak on. Social Media Channels and posting to your own blog makes it easy for you to distribute your list. Or your list can be a download offer from a ppc campaign, your website or an article. Engaging yor prospects is the first step but you need to leverage that opportunity to get their contact information so you can follow up.

You probably have a couple of ideas for a "Top List". Be sure to write them down before you forget! Choose someone in your office to help compose your list and blog articles.

Download this ePaper for more help in developing other articles for your social media or content marketing campaign.

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