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Is Pay-Per-Click Marketing A Logical Choice For My Business?

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pay per click marketing baltimorePay-per-click (PPC) advertising is becoming an increasingly important part of many small businesses’ digital marketing. Pay-per-click advertising gives businesses a way to target potential leads using ads trigged by search engine results. The theory behind these ads is that they help businesses get their websites in front of people looking for their specific offerings and services.

Pay-per-click advertising is assuming an important place in every digital marketer’s toolkit. According to Webmarketing123's recent report, the “State of Digital Marketing 2012,” almost two-thirds of B2B organizations and more than 70 percent of BTC organizations are already using pay-per-click advertising. Almost a third of B2B companies and 40 percent of their B2C peers plan on increasing their spending on PPC campaigns. Clearly, businesses are getting mileage out of their pay-per-click initiatives.

Many business owners in Baltimore are hesitant about augmenting their marketing strategies with pay-per-click initiatives: they wonder is pay per click marketing right for my business?

Pay-per-click advertising can offer your business a number of advantages, especially when compared with other digital marketing strategies – like search engine optimization and social media marketing. If you are looking for a quick and immediate increase in your website traffic, PPC is ideal for your business. Pay-per-click advertising doesn’t demand the materials and investment that other digital marketing strategies do: unlike SEO, which requires a considerable investment in terms of time spent creating, editing and calibrating content and then doesn’t take effect for several months following this initial investment, PPC can impact your business the same day you purchase advertising. SEO and social media can improve your search engine rankings, and ultimately your business, but take time to do so. PPC advertising has an immediate impact on your business’s lead generation.

PPC campaigns are also easy to measure, unlike other digital marketing strategies. It’s notoriously challenging to determine return on investments made into social media marketing; not so with PPC advertising. Google AdWords – where you will design your pay-per-click campaigns – allows you to track an enormous amount of data. And it makes it easy for you to adjust your campaign based on this data. If you want your marketing to be informed by quantifiable data, then pay-per-click advertising may be right for your business.

Undoubtedly, the reason why many business owners ask is pay per click marketing right for my business is because they are concerned about its expense. Pay-per-click advertising does cost money, like any form of advertising, and its efficacy is positively correlated with the resources you spend on it. That said, one of the major advantages pay-per-click advertising offers is that, as its name suggests, it is run on a pay-per-click basis. This means that you only have to pay Google for advertising if people actually click on one of your ads. If your ad isn’t successful and goes unnoticed, you don’t have to pay for it. For this reason, PPC advertising can help you better manage your digital marketing budget. Once you reach your predetermined limit in terms of clicks, Google will automatically stop displaying your ad on its search results. You can never exceed your established budget.

If you are trying to be disciplined about your digital marketing budget, pay-per-click advertising is ideal for your business.

Pay-per-click advertising is a demonstrably successful marketing tool. Many businesses have boosted traffic to their websites after implementing a PPC campaign. If you are looking for immediate returns from your marketing, quantifiable data about its efficacy, and want to keep within your marketing budget, you just might be able to affirmatively answer that question: is pay per click marketing the logical choice for my business? 

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