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Convert Leads into Customers in 3 Easy Steps

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attract and convert more leadsIt has been said having a qualified email list of prospective customers is like money in the bank. That is only true, however, if you have an effective method for converting leads into customers.The great news is your plan doesn't have to be complicated to be successful. You just need to follow three basic steps to move those leads through your funnel.

Step 1: Evaluate and Segment Your Lead List

Your list should be divided into targeted segments. Each segment should have a clear focus so that you can tailor your message to that list of leads. How many segments you need to have depends on your business model. If you are offering many products or services, there might be several key channels, and some leads might fall into more than one. Smaller companies or those with a tighter focus might have only a single segment.

Regardless of how large your list is now, identifying the possible segments will help you to plan for new leads. You should always be adding to your lead lists, and knowing the focus for each segment means you can now have a clear channel for bringing new leads in through targeted advertising and landing pages.

Step 2: Tailor Your Message

Your potential customers are likely getting inundated with emails and advertisements every day. Since you are not the only company trying to get their attention, you have to stand out and give your leads a reason to read what you have to say and then take action. If you have segmented your list properly, you have a clear focus for the topics you need to be writing about. Now you need to get your marketing team to craft a series of emails to use as a lead nurturing campaign that you can drip-feed to your leads.

Three key elements need to be included in each email - miss just one of these elements and your campaign will not succeed in converting leads into customers.

A headline that screams, "Click me - you don't want to miss what is inside!" If your lead never opens your email, the next two points won't even matter. Spend time on each email crafting a headline that will get clicked.

An informative, interesting message. You know what your lead is interested in, so tailor your message to tightly focus on that subject. Your email should be succinct and not stray off-subject. Keep the message length short rather than long, as many people will not read a long email.

A clear call-to-action (CTA). Your message should drive them toward your intended action. This is not always actually buying your product or service - it might be setting an appointment. Whatever it is you want them to do, give them a clear reason and method to do it

Step 3: Continue Until Told to Stop

Converting leads into customers never ends. On average, your lead will have to read your message at least seven times before taking action. Your messages should be set up to continue to drip-feed them information until they ask you to stop. Every message should have instructions for how to remove themselves from your list. As long as they stay, you have permission to continue to pursue them.

Even after a lead buys your product or service they are still a lead. They should be moved into a new list segment for existing customers and you should continue to send them targeted information. This list is truly gold, as they have already purchased once and are more likely to do so again.

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