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3 Ways Biometric Sensors Show How Consumers View Your Package Design

Posted by Angelica Ermita

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges that business start-ups face in an ever-growing selection of consumer goods is how their new products can get noticed. How can one understand what a customer sees and looks for when he’s faced with a plethora of packaging on a grocery shelf?

In market research, focus groups and consumer testing are ways to learn what a customer thinks, but in truth, 90% of purchasing decisions are made from our subconscious. Luckily, neuormarketing techniques are there to help you see the cognitive and emotional responses of consumers and truly understand what determines their preference for a product and how to design packaging.

Eye Tracking

An objective method to gain insight into how consumers make purchasing decisions is with eye tracking which can be in store when a consumer is looking at packaging.

Eye tracking has been around for many years, but it was in the 1980s when commercial eye trackers began to become available. The devices were small, lightweight, and made use of infrared light technology that are still used by a number of eye trackers to this day. The technology behind eye trackers is complex, but this infographic will tell you more about eye trackers in more digestible information.

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