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Ultimate List of Content Curation Tools

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content-curation-toolsContent is the gas that fuels online ranking and social media relevance. Google is search web content daily to rank websites for their authority and placement in search results. So you may be interested in knowing a list of business grade and personal curation tools that individuals an organizations can use to create content for web pages, blogging and social marketing.

Your content curation team needs to consistently find, organize and create great content on relevant topics for their target audience. There has to be a content strategy including a publishing calendar. Smart content marketers use a mix of 65% created, 25% curated and 10% syndicated content.

The sources for content marketing is still expanding. Technology continues to develop simpler solutions for quality publishing of relevant content. And it will be well used if surveys are correct that 71% of marketers are increasing spending on content. These tools, though not complete, provide a base list of resources to rely on. You will need to review them to determine which to go to for understand what differentiates each application, platform and service.

Content Curation Tool List

Do you have favorite resources for writing your content? Share them here and help us build a list of resources.

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