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Pay-per-click Spending Wars: Google versus Bing

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bing-vs-google-mobileBing is growing in popularity and aggressively promoted it's interface with TV ads this summer.

Google's search market share dropped in April 2013 to 66.5% usage. It still over shadows Bing, but Bing is taking a bite out of Google, rising to 17.3% market share.

Have you tried Bing? Were you convinced to change search engines? I prefer Google. I switched from Yahoo years ago because Google provided better search results. Bing didn't provide a better experience for me so I haven't changed my start up page.

Bing has a long way to go to catch up to Google and there isn't a clear indication that they will. With only a 2 percent growth over last year, Bing isn't seeing big gains. As of April, Google provided 13.3 billion searches, Bing did 3.5 billion, Yahoo followed with 2.4 billion, Ask had 539 million followed by AOL with 290 million.

So the question you should be asking is: do you need to consider how you are splitting pay-per-click budget and put some or more into Bing?

If you know how your prospects and customers are searching then the answer would be easy. You can compare click through rates and formulate a split between the search engines that deliver better leads.  Using a software platform like Hubspot you would know the answer and be able to track activity daily. We use Hubspot to do much more than analyze data. We compose blogs as well as manage leads and track where our leads are coming from. We can quickly see how we compare to our competition and change our focus to go after the prime opportunities. Automating response, scheduling activities, managing lists is all done from one portal. Hubspot is a tool that allows me to do more in less time and work to gain better organic search results. That translates into cheaper ppc costs. Real-time information that includes competitive analysis allows you to determine how to spend marketing budget and time. Surprises are hidden in the facts - blogging, participating in discussions, starting discussions on Twitter may be driving more traffic than you think. With technology like Hubspot why guess at where to spend?

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