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Blatant Horn Tooting! Catalpha POP/Point of Purchase Makes It Nationwide!

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floor_decal_signMamma always said....'Git your a$$ out of the house, you're driving me crazy!' - Well she said that too but what I meant to repeat from her was... 'Better blow your own horn.  No one else is gonna do it for you!'  

So, here's something we thought was worth of a little horn tooting.  A point of purchase floor sticker we designed for TheraPearl LLC, has made it nationwide.  We are now in every Safeway store!  So, next time you shop for groceries, go to Safeway in the Health & Beauty aisle and look down.  Pain Relief Zone marks the spot for TheraPearl's introduction into Safeway.  

Take a look at a few other examples of our POP work here.  And take a look at the rest of the TheraPearl lineup too.


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