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Are You Getting Confused On How To Market Your Business

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frustratedTons of people and ads say you can easily make millions of money on-line. Build it and they will come is just a memorable line from a movie. Many businesses have learned this lesson by putting up their website as cheap and quick as possible and no effort to drive qualified customers to the website.

If your are small business owner struggling to run your business and keep up with the new methods of advertising, you are not alone. The sheer volume of new software, tools, trends and Google changes make it difficult for one person to manage their business and be expert at everything.

Realizing the amount of time and effort it will take to learn a new skill - one must ask what is the best use of your time? Is it managing your business, meeting with prospects and servicing customers, or executing your business marketing? Evaluating the best use of your time and your employees time must be done frequently. I do this daily so my efforts are focused on the activities that return the best results for building my business and taking care of my customers.

Being smart about when I do-it-myself or deligating to an expert has not only saved time but also saved money. Trying to do it all, spending time on work that could be done by someone else equates to being an expensive mistake. Not having the knowldge and skills then that work takes more time to do.

Circling back to small business website, few small businesses have enough employees to do everything that will make their website the best sales generating machine posible along with their asigned job function. For instance, websites need continual maintenance. Maintenance is only one item on the list of marketing to-do's that build an effective website that has decent search engine rank (position of your listing in a search for keywords relevant to your business). We haven't even touched upon email marketing, blogging, or pay-per-click advertising.

What's the solution? Outsource smartly. Determine what to keep in-house and what to out-source that will let you achieve your most agressive business goals.

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