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4 Bad Habits That Kill Your Online Business Presence

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A lot of small businesses are not receiving the business and attention they want from their website. We understand that time and resources are limited, but did you know that most small businesses don’t even have the basics done? Your website is your online presence and usually the first thing a customer checks for information. There are 4 main things that must be covered for your online business.

#1 Mobile Compatibility 

It is important to have your site mobile ready and compatible. Make sure you test your site on different mobile devices (both IPhone and Android) as well as tablets and make sure that your content is visible, easy to find, and accurate.

#2 Phone Number

Believe it or not, many small businesses don’t even have their phone number listed on there sites. This is clearly very important in case a customer wants to talk to someone about your business. Whether it is to do business with you or just find out more information.

#3 Email Address

An email address is also another very important piece of information to include on your site. Some customers may prefer to email rather than to call. If it is not listed on your site, they are not going to go out of their way to try and find it. This is an important line of communication and one that customers expect you to have as well.

#4 Incorrect Information

 Many business listings have missing or incorrect addresses. While it is important to make sure this information is correct, it is also important to claim local listings. 4/5 people use search engines to look up information such as phone numbers, hours, and directions. It is important to claim your listings on search engines such as Google: My Business.


*This needs to be the absolute minimum of what is included with your site. Once the time and resources become available you can always move up from there. Check out the chart below to see the statistics of how many small businesses don’t have this important information on their site. But be prepared – the numbers may surprise you.


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