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How Do You Know It's Time To Redesign Your Website?

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It happens to everyone. The website that was built 2 years ago isn't bringing in enough business. You page rankings have deteriorated and you don't have first page for any of the search terms your customers use to find you. It was a major investment and everyone loved it when it was developed 2 years ago, so why isn't it attracting leads? Your company’s website needs a major refresh.

You could say it's easier to keep your print materials up dated and fresh. I've also been told by a client, "Personal service is crucial to our business and we only point people to our website when they want specs on our product." If you are shaking your head yes after reading either of these two statements you are giving away business to your competitors. Your major competitors know how their customers are shopping and researching solutions you offer, and they have developed their site as a major source of delivering sales for their business as well as adapting to the changes made by search engines.

Your website should be one of your best sources for leads and sales even if it isn't an eccommerce site.

A recent study by Cisco found that

  • 78 percent of all shoppers use the Internet to research and purchase products and services.

  • 71 percent of shoppers want to access digital content in the store.

  • 65 percent of shoppers research online and purchase in store – up from 57 percent last year.

Don't discount these figures because they are retail consumers. I insist my staff research on-line before presenting me with a request to purchase supplies and equipment. B2B customers needs may be different but the shopping process is the similar. We all want to be educated before we talk to anyone or make a decision. And, the slow ecomony has driven this buying style to be the norm.

Your website should have Google analytic code embedded in it. This will provide your website developer some insight into performance of your pages. If the site doesn't have the code, it is still possible to get basic information on keyword performance (what page your website appears on for your major keyword Google search). Aiming for first page is everyones goal. This isn't easy for many reasons.

Look where your site shows up when you search using terms your customers will be searching. What sites are on the first page results? Is it where you thought you'd be? Are smaller companies showing up ahead of you? How does it make you feel? You may note that some results aren't competitors, some sites show more tahn once on the page, look at who has paid for top of page position.

You are wondering what this has to with redesigning your website.

A website is more than a brochure. It has to function without personal contact and be formatted to be search engine friendly. Website functionality and ROI is affected by search engine results which is affected by web content and structure. The foundation of your redesign must begin with knowing where you are and where you have to be to have a website that helps you achieve your business and sales goals. Remember the old adage - "you get what you pay for"? It is so very applicable here. On its own, a redesign will not guarantee improved rankings or lead generation. The cheap and design your own providers build a website. That is their objective and it doesn't include consulting or a concern about website performance compared to the competition.

To build a website that is a sales engine for your company takes a lot of effort, research and planning. So begin by gathering information about your current website's performance, your on-line presence. Go to your competitors websites and honestly compare your site to theirs. To make the whole process easier and more manageable we have created a "Website Review Checklist". But this is not just any website checklist. It’s focused on one major goal – to support your overall marketing efforts.

Bottom line: this checklist is the first step in turning your website into an inbound marketing machine. Watch our blog for the next in this series on "Redesigning You Website".

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