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Top 20 Packaging Design Blogs

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The Ultimate Packaging Design Inspiration Guide for 2017

We've complied a list of some of our favorite blogs that showcase the latest packaging, design, and branding trends from around the world. Included are some of our old favorites as well as some new sources for inspiration you may not have expected.

Download 5 Things You Must Know Before Starting Your Product PackagingPackaging design covers a wide range of topics including design, dieline creation, manufacturing, and printing. Where do you start? What is possible? Who are the market leaders that are shaping the industry? Sometimes you need a little inspiration to show you what is possible.

These examples can spark your imagination and get you started with your next packaging or branding project. Whether you are new to the industry or a veteran brand owner you might just discover something you hadn't thought possible. Find out what is happening in your market and what your competition is up to.

Some of our new discoveries offer fresh design, timely industry news and packaging trends.


1. Ambalaj Packaging Design Blog

Did you know that there is water-soluble packaging made of soap... or 3-D printed packaging from algae? Check out  Ambalaj Packaging Design Blog for some fascinating new eco-friendly technologies for packaging, as well as highlights on hot new brand packaging concepts.


2. Packaging Design Archive

You'll find the Packaging Design Archive a mega-rich resource for research and inspiration. Have a specific package style in mind? A mood? A specific use or material? Look no further. With its easy navigation, all it takes is a click to see examples of any type of package your heart desires. Be prepared to spend some time on this site–there is much to gain.


3. Trending Packaging

Well designed and organized, Trending Packaging has in-depth articles covering not only the latest in current packaging trends, but tutorials and events as well. The search by category makes it easy to get inspiration on just what you're looking for.


4. The Backmatter

The Backmatter is a tumbler style image driven blog showcasing notable package design and commentary. While the site navigation could be improved, hidden in the archives are some beautiful, trendy branding projects covering a wide range of industries.


5. Pinterest

Teaming with literally millions of posts, a search on Pinterest may yield just what you’re looking for. Try this search as a start and then narrow your search results from there. We're always amazed at the eclectic mix we get back and with constant updates, there is always fresh content to come back to!

These are some of our old favorites.

When you find something that works you stick with it. We find that these blogs continuously provide quality content.


6. Packaging of the World

Really, the name says it all. Some of the most creative packaging from around the world is showcased with descriptions of the design process. Search by country, or just browse…it’s a multi-cultural kaleidoscope of inspiration from cultures other than our own.


7. Branding, Packaging & Opinion

If you’re interested in one man's professional opinion on what drives examples of unique package designs, these commentaries and reviews of both packaging and logos from around the globe. Counter that by comments from readers and it's an interesting read.



8. Lovely Package

Covering nine years, this simple, easy to navigate blog showcases hundreds of curated packaging design examples with commentary.  Category breakdown by product type coupled with large images make this a great site for browsing.


9. Retail Design Blog

More than just packaging design, this blog explores the entire retail experience. Keep abreast of the latest news covering up-and-coming influences in visual merchandising, retail environment trends,  and store rebranding - always a driving force in considering packaging type, style coloring and design.


10. The Dieline

One visit, and there really is reason to believe that this is the world’s most visited packaging design website as they say. This blog digs deep into holding high the standards of packaging design, the process and trends, and is a wealth of education and visual eye candy of the best from the packaging design community. There is so much content - you'll find yourself spending some serious time here.


11. Packaging Digest

A great source of information, with a hefty emphasis on pharmaceutical, health & beauty and food and beverage packaging. Check out the events page upcoming industry-related shows and conferences that may be of interest to you.


12. Packaging Design

Perspectives on packaging design, branding, manufacturing, and the business of packaging. Be sure to click on the Package Design Matters tab for a series of exceptionally well produced and  insightful videos from experts in the field,  on topics ranging from  Navigating the Legalized Cannabis Landscape to Looking into the Future of Package Design.

Additional Resources

Here are a few resources not directly connected to packaging design. This blogs covers a wide variety of subjects related to the packaging design field from web design to typography as well as techniques and tools. You can find examples of design work across a variety of categories.


13. Design Cloud

A visual treasure trove of design inspiration for product design, graphic design, typography, furniture, architecture and more.



14. Design Clever

A great place to go to see what other talented people are doing. Design submissions from all around the globe... always fresh and visually stimulating. 


15. Design Shack

Lots of great design examples to peruse, plus some hidden gems in the Business Section  with tips of the trade and insider info on what makes great design work.


16. Digital Synopsis

From the popular, to the funny, to the offbeat, Digital Synopsis has something for everyone. Be sure to get the Buzz on what's hot and trending - it's got the wild, wacky and eye-opening bits great for sharing and passing around.


17. Hongkiat

Don't be put off by the name - this blog is a leading go-to site for all things related to tech, design and technology. Web geeks, bloggers, developers, graphic designers and entrepreneurs will all find tips, tricks and techniques galore.


18. Marketing Mag

All things marketing - research, analysis, technology trends, leads, brand strategy - you name it - it’s covered here. There is some serious reading in here. For some great articles on Brand Management - check these out.


19. TED

If you're not familiar with TED you definitely want to check it out. You can watch presentations from some of the brightest minds in the fields of technology, engineering, and design. There are talks specifically about design and creative thinking. They also have a Youtube channel.


20. Adobe Creative Cloud Blog

From the top name in software used worldwide by packaging design professionals, The Adobe Creative Cloud Blog covers a broad range of design topics as well as the the latest tools and techniques used in the design industry.


There you have it.  20 of what we think are the best of the best packaging design blogs to visit!  If you think we've missed the mark OR you have another favorite we should consider next year, send a note and a link and we'll add it to the list.

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